Be part of Sour Sally’s Wide Froyo Network!

Loving our world's first black frozen yogurt? Sour sally is going global! Contact us for franchise in your country or city and be part of our wide frozen yogurt network.

For the good of maintaining the integrity of the brand, our franchise operations work within the scope of long-term interest and strategic growth that is built on solid foundation of proven executive leadership skills and excellent customer service. There's no need to worry, as extensive training and support will be provided and are expected to be completed prior to running a new Sour Sally outlet.

We have our network of biggest suppliers in the industry of ice cream and froyo market, around the world who provide extensive list of our Frozen Yogurt and Sauces and Crunchies with internationally-standardized quality. Being as the suppliers' important client, we work closely and grow with them who help push our product development. Are you ready to ride on a global wave with us now? Contact us for any inquiry regarding Sour Sally Franchise by filling out the form below and our Franchise team will get back to you the soonest.